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We build professional, mobile friendly, responsive, consumer-friendly, market competition research based websites. With our custom web design approach,  you can stand out among other websites online and increase engagement.

mobile-friendly web design | Golden SellerMOBILE FRIENDLY DESIGNS

We design responsive websites and test them on different mobile devices to make sure they are fully functional. The websites are also tested in different browsers such as Chrome and Safari.


Our custom web design will be the digital representation of your actual business. We will build a website that will be in harmony and rapport with your actual branding strategy of your services or products to consumers.

San Diego Web Design


Our custom web design projects are SEO friendly for higher content exposure, we will design a search engine friendly website. We can also further assist with indexing the content of your website with search engines.



We are here to assist so you focus on the business. We will maintain your website and offer free maintenance time so that you wouldn’t have to worry about making on-going changes.

hosting and email support | Golden Seller Web DesignHOSTING & EMAIL SUPPORT

We do offer hosting and email support for with our website development services. Our hosting accounts follow the industry leading security and speed standards so you can put your mind at ease.

Secure websites | Golden Seller web designSECURED & ENCRYPTED

We develop secure websites based on leading industry standards. And we encrypt the conversations between visitors and administrators to keep information away from the wrong hands.


Data-Driven Optimization

We use different analytical tools to track the interaction of the traffic with your website content. For our ongoing clients, we continuously upgrade and optimize the user interface of the website base on reports.

speed-test website design | Golden SellerLOAD TIME OPTIMIZERS

We run multiple test and operate several optimizations for faster load time. This will increase website visitors interaction and lower traffic loss. It is needless to say it helps with website’s online ranking.



Building custom web design E-Commerce is one of our specialties. We help with developing sales strategies for your products along with merchant setup and payment gateway security and content encryption.

content creation | Golden Seller Web DesignCONTENT STRATEGY

We will help with the development of your content and come up with the right strategy for showcasing your content to your potential consumers online. Fresh content is significantly important.



Our pricing for websites is very affordable and if you are planning on running any type of marketing plans on your website, you will see how the website will show its value, especially if you compare us with others.



In order to make sure your website is compatible with different devices, we test the website on different browsers on which majority of online visitors may access your website. We make necessary adjustment accordingly.

Chrome Browser

Mozilla FireFox Browser

IE & Microsoft Edge Browsers

Tor Browser


LL Reverse Mortgage Custom Web Design San Diego | Designed by Golden Seller Web Design and Online Marketing

LL Reverse Mortgage

Mortgage and Finance Industry

Provided Services: Custom Web Design San Diego | Online Marketing | SEO | Social Media Management | Paid Advertising | Online Reputation Management

LL Reverse Mortgage is a San Diego based reverse mortgage company


Fashion Industry

Provided Services: E-Commerce Custom Web Design Los Angeles | Online Marketing | SEO | Social Media Management | Paid Advertising | Online Reputation Management

AlieandMe offers customizable quartz handbags based in San Diego and Los Angeles.

AlieandMe Fashion Custom Web Design Los Angeles | Designed by Golden Seller Web Design and Online Marketing
The Hydration Room Custom Web Design Orange County | Designed by Golden Seller Web Design and Online Marketing

The Hydration Room

IV Therapy Medical Clinic

Provided Services: Custom Web Design Orange County | Online Marketing | SEO | Social Media Management | Paid Advertising | Online Reputation Management

The Hydration Room is a IV therapy clinic based on Orange County, CA.

DJ Mohsen Music Productions

Music Industry

Provided Services: Custom Web Design San Diego | SEO | Digital Event Promotion | Website Maintenance & Optimization

DJ Mohsen Music Production is a House based music production with great focus on club event and weddings in San Diego, Orange County, Irvine and Los Angeles.

Dj Mohsen Custom Web Design San Diego | Designed by Golden Seller Web Design and Online Marketing

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Custom Web Design

Showcase Professionalism of Your Business

Setting up your website is one of the very first steps toward establishing your business online. And it also will enable you to  start online marketing and digital advertising for your business. The website of a business says a lot about that business and potential customers are actively looking at websites of different businesses to get a sense of the services which they provide. A professionally designed website says a lot and will go a long way in online advertising. We use experts to design a website which is up to date in terms of design and functionality. You are dealing with experts in the US and can meet with our representatives at anytime and speak with them if you had any questions. The websites designed by us will be responsive so that it can easily be viewed on different devices such as mobile devices, laptops, computers, tablets and iPads.

Mobile Friendly Design

The number of users using their mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Androids is on the raise. The statistics show that nearly 58% of the US customers own a smartphone. This shows the importance of having a mobile friendly website. 90% of the mobile user have mentioned that they will not use products or services of a business which does not have a mobile friendly website. We will make sure that your website is mobile friendly. We understand the nature of your business as a professional and an entrepreneur and we are here to assist with the setting up a professionally designed website which will help the growth of your business.

Beating Your Online Competitors

Our clients ask for our custom web design San Diego services to either brand their business online or to expand and grow digitally. To address such demands, we always will research your online competitive market and analyze their cusomt websites. Based on your preferences and requested functionality and our market research, we will go about developing your custom web design Orange County. This approach will give your website and your business an edge over your competitors and will attract more of your potential customers. With our extensive online research, your custom web design Los Angeles project can be turned into a big gateway to generate extra revenue for your business.

Super Quality Made Affordable

We understand the tough economics times and we want to make sure we address your financial needs and still offer our custom web design San Diego at affordable rates. Please ask your project manager about different offered options. Under our marketing plans, we offer free custom web design Orange County. We can also offer custom web design Los Angeles one time quotes. We believe a business’s customized website, basically the online virtuality of that business, should be reflective of the reality of that business. It will have a professional look and friendly user-interface. We will also take care of the hosting for you. We will make it as easy and as hassle free as possible so that you can focus on your business.

Maintenance, Support and Optimization

We do provide support for our custom web design Los Angeles. You can reach out to us for changes requests to your website. Most changes are  implemented with 1 to 4 business days. It is very important for a business to monitor its custom web design Orange County and optimize the experience of its online visitors over time. We do collect such data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And we will monitor interaction level of those visiting the websites and the potential customer. We will use this information to improve the website interaction experience even further. This will also provide us with better tools for our online and direct marketing. We do provide support for our custom web design San Diego.