Listen to what Google has recorded from you

Listen to what Google has recorded from you


listen to your voice conversationEverybody is on the go and using voice command features are becoming more and more popular everyday. People tend to “talk” to their cellphones more and Google records all your voice searches and commands. This feature was initially added back in June 2015. And it has been evolving and becoming more sophisticated ever since. You may find various audio records of what you have said to or around your phone such as searching for various things, directions to different locations, commanding the phone to call a person, to schedule your meetings, set your alarm and many other “things” which you may have “said” to your phone in your privacy.


There is general transcript of your voice search, information about the source from which the voice search was recorded and time and date of your search. It looks like a voice diary. You can go back and listen to your searches. Short or long conversations may have been recorded without transcripts. That means Google couldn’t immediately figure out what you were searching or commanding or you may have cancelled the command in the middle but your voice record is still there.



Listen to them

You can go through the voice recordings and listen to them. Google assures that only you will have access to this information. In order to access them, you will have to login to your Google history page and go to Voice & Audio Activity. If you want to delete the files, simply select them by clicking on the check box on the left of the recording and then click Delete on the top right hand side of the page when a new light blue bar appears.


How to stop it

The answer is very simple; don’t use the voice search features. It does sound hard considering how convenient the voice search feature is. When you are driving along, saying “OK, Google” will activate the feature on your android device and after hearing a beep sound, you can go on and search for different needs such as the nearest gas station or direction to a point of interest. Google voice search is unquestionably a very helpful feature but Google being allowed to record and keep our voices search records is debatable.