Individualized Emails Using Crystal

Individualized Emails Using Crystal

Individualized Emails Using Crystal


How to personalize your emails for those you don’t even know

Sending emails is becoming the most important way of communication, even more important than calling some would argue. Anyone who has tried to send an email to an unknown person for the first time would agree how hard it is to write a proper email that is truly customized for that individual. You would ask yourself how friendly you should be or you may feel you have gone too far or perhaps you are being too strict with your email. Now there is help.


Crystal Knows

Individualized Emails Using CrystalCrystal
is a new tool which can help you customize your emails based on the individual to whom you want to send them. How you may ask? Certain information will be collected from that individual’s typing patterns. When you write your email, Crystal will help you and suggest certain changes in your email. For example, you maybe suggested to change “Hi John” to “Hey John” or many other small changes which Crystal detects and suggests  which will help your message to get through that unknown individual easier.

How does it work?

You will search for that individual’s name and Crystal will show you a personality profile of them based on the collected information from different sources such as Gmail and LinkedIn. You can then choose templates based on their personalities. Then the fun part begins! Start typing and watch the magic happen; you will get real time suggestions and corrections. Read more how Crystal can help you with meetings and relationship emails.

Is it free?

If your world is small enough, yes. Although Crystal has a Personal plan which is free, it only allows up to 5 new contacts per month. If you want to send more emails to new contacts, you have to sign up for their paid plans. See their plans here. It is actually one of the funnest activities to see your own personality profile and yes, you can see your own personality profile for free by just signing up.