Google Recommendations on Hiring an SEO

Google Recommendations on Hiring an SEO

Google Recommendations on Hiring an SEOWe are at a point when almost all business owners have heard the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Often if you ask them what SEO is or how it can benefit their business, you find them explaining and asking “the one that brings a website up in Google. Right?”. If you dig a little deeper, you may learn about their confusion between Pay Per Click campaigns and Search Engine Optimization. It is obvious that there is no subtle understanding and grasp of what SEO is and thus dealing with companies or individuals offering SEO services is like dealing with a Sith Lord ( if you are a Star Wars fan specially).

SEO Offers Often Confuse Business Owners

Every day, business owners receive at least one email from an unknown sender claiming to be a “Senior SEO Consultant” or “Search Engine Specialist” with a list of their SEO services and different prices starting as low as $199/mo. They may even get automated emails from other companies such as GoDaddy offering “SEO Services” for $1.99/mo. And this cycle continues to a point when they simply stop paying attention to SEO all together. It is understandable to be confused when they are presented with so many different perspectives of a “concept” such as SEO about which they have near zero comprehension.

Hiring an SEO

Believe it or not, SEO, done correctly, can be a big help to your business and boosting revenue. The big question is: Whom will you be hiring for an SEO? Depending on the size of your business, you may be hiring an individual, a team or even several teams to handle different parts of your website SEO. Remember Search Engine Optimization is not an isolated online task and it works directly hand in hand with other aspects of your online business such as your website, online foot prints and Social Media. Google has finally stepped in more directly to help you sort through all these offers. Watch Google recommendations on hiring an SEO by Maile Ohye, Developers Programs Tech Lead at Google, to learn how to hire an SEO.

Goolge Recommendations on Hiring an SEO